Shop Great Trending Gas Plans in Marietta

Shop GA gas plans now to lock in a low rate for the long haul. Gas prices will likely rise this winter. Shop now to get the savings.

Shop Gas Plans for Great Savings!

Shop trending gas plans and lock in savings from rising winter rates. Learn how much money you could save in Marietta!
Lock in one of these low rate plans now to shield yourself from rising natural gas rates this winter in Marietta.

Natural gas prices have bucked weather predictions and stayed low through the winter and now into spring. However, futures contracts have begun trading significantly higher. In fact, December 2024 contracts are trading above $3.00 per mmbtu compared to just $1.64 for April. But what does this mean for the average Marietta natural gas consumer? Prices appear to be going up! So, shop these great recommended gas plans today to lock in a cheap rate.

Shop These Three Trending Plans in Marietta

Let’s check out three great trending gas plans available now.

Firstly, it’s the Georgia Natural Gas® 12 Month Fixed plan, at $0.599 per therm. The plan has a sliding scale ETF: $100 in the first six months and $50 in the last six months. There is also a $5.99-$8.99 monthly charge. Additionally, with a 12 month term, you set yourself up to shop for your next plan in the 2025 spring shoulder months. That puts you in position to shop for more savings.

Secondly, it’s the Constellation 24 Month Home Natural Gas Plan at $0.579 per therm. The plan has a $150 ETF and $7.95 monthly charge. Lock in this cheap rate for 2 years and shop for your next plan in the 2026 spring shoulder months! With Constellation, you can also opt-in to a water heater protection plan for free and/or an HVAC protection plan for $19.95 per month.

Finally, it’s the Gas South Fixed 6 Month plan at $0.510 per therm. The plan has a $150 ETF and $6.95-$9.95 monthly fee. Bonuses include no deposit and $5 in bill credits for 10 months. Although long term plans are a great option when prices are cheap as they are today, a student or temporary resident may not need such a long contract. In that case, this cheap rate could be perfect for you! Furthermore, a six month plan sets you up to shop for your next plan during fall shoulder months.

What You’ll Save With Cheap Rates Today

Today’s rates are cheap but prices are likely to go up in the coming months. So, how much do you stand to save choosing one of these plans? Well, according to our historical data, when wholesale contract prices rise to around $3.00 per mmbtu, the average rate of our natural gas plans is around $0.70 per therm. Let’s look at how much that will cost you over a year.

According to the Georgia PSC, the average residential natural gas customer uses about 717 therms per year. Here’s how your costs for natural gas supply would work out for the year with the rates for the three trending plans and the projected rate for December 2024.

 Georgia Natural Gas®ConstellationGas SouthDecember 2024
Projected Price
Rate$0.599 per therm$0.579 per therm$0.510 per therm$0.70 per therm
Annual Supply Cost$429.48$415.14$365.67$501.90

As you can see, locking in one of these trending plans’ rates today could save you $70-$135 or more for average natural gas supply costs during a year. So, if you want to cut your monthly gas bills, don’t delay!

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