New GA Residents’ Biggest 9 Gas Questions

If you're moving to Georgia, let us answer your questions about gas service so you can navigated shopping for providers like a pro.

Answers to Your Big Natural Gas Questions

Got questions about your Georgia gas service? We're tackling the biggest 9 to help consumer shop and save on their bills.
New to Georgia? Let us answer your questions about gas service. We’ll help you understand you options and how to shop for the best rates.

According to the US Census Bureau, Georgia’s population grew by 116,077 people last year. That brings our population over the 11 million mark! If you’re one of these new residents, you might have some questions about Georgia gas services in our state. Therefore, as experts in the gas market, we’re here to answer new GA residents’ 9 biggest natural gas questions.

Top Questions about Your Natural Gas Options

Firstly, we’ll tackle the top questions about energy choices.

Do I have a choice in natural gas suppliers? Customers in the Atlanta Gas Light service area have the option to choose to get their gas supply from any approved supplier. Although our state is a deregulated natural gas market, only Atlanta Gas Light has opened its service area to competition for supply services. The utility still maintains it pipes and equipment regardless of the supplier you might choose.

What is the Atlanta Gas Light (AGL) Service Area? This utility service area covers large chunks of land from northwest to southeast Georgia. So, check out a service territory map to see if you are in the AGL area.

Who is my natural gas supplier? Your natural gas supplier is the company you pay for the natural gas you actually use. AGL customers get their gas supply from an alternative gas marketer.

How do I compare natural gas suppliers?  The best way to compare your options is to do it all in one place! Compare available plans and providers side by side at Georgia Gas Savings. Compare plans, rates, customer reviews, other charges and fees, and more to make the best choice for your natural gas.

What are the different natural gas rate plans available? Natural gas plan options include fixed rates and variable rates. Variable rates offer flexibility since they don’t have a contract term or cancellation fees. However, fixed rates offer security with set rates for a set period. If you have good credit, prices tend to be much cheaper than variable rates.

How do I switch natural gas suppliers? In the AGL service area, you can switch suppliers easily when you visit Georgia Gas Savings. You can compare, select, and sign up for a new plan with a great rate all in one place.  

Natural Gas Home Service Questions

How can I lower my natural gas bill? The path to a lower natural gas bill is to reduce your gas use and shop for the cheapest gas rate. Switching your natural gas plan is a great way to get a cheaper rate. Then, follow some simple gas saving tips to lower your usage.

What are the fees and charges on my natural gas bill? Your natural gas bill has multiple fees and charges each month. Firstly, the delivery charge covers the cost of maintaining equipment and getting the gas to your home. Additionally, the supply charge covers the cost of the gas you use. There are also charges to cover taxes. Lastly, there could be other fees that might include late payment penalties.

How do I report a natural gas leak or if I smell natural gas? Even if you use a different supplier company, always report issues like a gas leak immediately to AGL. Atlanta Gas Light maintains your equipment and will quickly send someone out to check on your concerns.

Switch Plans Today for Cheap Natural Gas

Now that you know your options, it’s a great time to make a switch. Find a cheap natural gas plan today with a long term contract to avoid rising summer costs. Visit us today at

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