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Learn how short term plan might save you money over the long term. Shop natural gas plans with variable rates to lower your monthly bill!
Right now could be the time to shop natural gas plans with variable rates! Learn how short term plan might save you money over the long term.

Find the Best Gas Rates for Athens Customers

As we head into 2021, Covid still has us on our toes, and it might not be the right time for your household to be making long-term energy commitments. Plus, you know that winter price spikes can make it a costly time to lock in your natural gas plan. But with shoulder months coming back around in a little over two months, maybe you could consider holding out for those great Spring deals. In that case, perhaps a monthly natural gas plan is the best option for you! You’ll enjoy unrivalled flexibility, and you could bag some great introductory rates. Let’s shop the monthly natural gas plans available to Athens customers right now!

Compare Best Natural Gas Rates

Monthly natural gas plans have variable rates, meaning that the price per therm Athens customers pay will likely change each month.  How much depends on the market price of natural gas and how much the provider chooses to charge. When you shop natural gas plans, remember that these variable rate plans work best as temporary solutions. Fixed rate plans save you more money in the long run. 

With that in mind, let’s look at the introductory rate monthly plans. These offer bargain discount rates for the first month. Short, sure, but potentially very sweet. Because, whilst winter 2021 is forecast to be warmer than average for Athens customers, people are spending more time at home due to Covid -19. So, it’s still likely to still see you consuming more energy this winter. But, if you only get one month of extra-cheap rates, February could be a great time to play that card.

The Gas South Acquisition Variable Plan offers $0.590 per therm for the first month, increasing to $1.39 per therm thereafter. Whilst there’s no early termination charge, the monthly recurring charge is between around $7 and $10. The more economical option, for those looking for a cheap introductory deal, is the SCANA Energy Introductory Variable Rate Plan. It’s offering new customers a bargain $0.289 per therm rate for the first month – and the monthly charge looks a little thriftier, too, at $5.95. 

 Best Gas Rate for Non-Introductory Plans

Non-introductory plans don’t come with the bargain first-month prices. However, they do offer perks that might be a better fit for Athens natural gas customers.

The Gas South BridgePlan Variable Plan is pitched as a pay-as-you-go option for customers working on their credit score. There’s no deposit and offers the chance to earn a lower rate after 12 months of good payment history. So, it could prove a great option for customers who have had a very challenging 2020 and are anticipating a rough year ahead. 

And, if you’re looking for a competitive variable rate, consider the Infinite Energy Standard Variable Plan. It currently offers $1.389 per therm – the cheaper of the two non-introductory rates. Plus, it’s got a lower monthly service charge of $5.95. Notice, though, that if you’re doing this short-term, you could stand to save more on the Gas South Acquisition Variable Plan, where you’ll get that discounted on the first month. 

Shop the Best Gas Rate for You 

Whilst it might seem tricky to shop a monthly natural gas plan that’s right for you and your family this winter, www.georgiagassavings makes the process easier. You can compare rates, plans, and read real customer reviews. Plus, we’ll point you in the direction of easy-to-secure natural gas plans to keep your spirits high, and your bills low.

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