Shoulder Months Start! Shop Cheap Natural Gas in Georgia!

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Shoulder month pricing has started! Seasonal lower energy demand is pushing Atlanta natural gas rates lower!
Shoulder month pricing has started! Seasonal lower energy demand is pushing already low Atlanta natural gas rates even lower! Lock in a low rate for the long term now!

Time To Lock In Cheap Natural Gas Deals!

World-wide, Winter 2020 has been one of the warmest winters on record. Leaving what has become a glut of natural gas, it’s likely that natural gas prices will sink even lower in the next month or two. This makes it the perfect time to start shopping for a new natural gas deal. But these prices won’t last long. So, if your current natural gas plan is coming up for renewal, you could save a lot of money by switching to a cheap natural gas deal

Why Are Natural Gas Prices Falling?

It should come as no surprise to you that at Georgia Gas Savings we spend a lot of time watching the natural gas market! We know when prices tend to drop, and we anticipate several factors to cause lower natural gas prices in the next few months. For instance, the Energy Information Administration expects that there will be more natural gas in storage than ever before this year. In addition, thanks to a milder winter than many forecasters predicted, natural gas prices have tended to be fairly low already this year. This all points to rock-bottom natural gas prices in April.

How Soon Do I Need To Sign Up?

We anticipate natural gas prices to begin rising again in summer. This is because nearly 40% of America’s electricity comes from burning natural gas. When everyone turns on their A/C in summer power usage goes through the roof. More natural gas gets burned to meet demand and as supplies fall, prices rise. So if you want to save money on cheap natural gas in Georgia then you should switch natural gas providers before the summer heat comes around.

Best Prices On Natural Gas In The Atlanta Metro Area

Let’s start with the cheapest price around – the Constellation 24 Month Metro Home plan. This offers you a rock-bottom price of only $0.339 per therm, though it will cost you $7.95 per month in service fees. If the idea of committing to a 2-year plan is a little intimidating, then Georgia residents can always opt for the Constellation 12 Month Metro Home plan instead. At $0.349 per therm it’s only marginally more expensive, and allows you to shop around again in a year’s time.

For Georgia homes that consume a lot of natural gas, this is likely to be the cheapest plan around. However, smaller properties, or those without natural gas furnaces, may choose something like the Infinite Energy 12 Month Fixed plan. At $0.369 per therm it costs slightly more by volume of gas used, but with a service fee of $5.95 there are lower overhead costs.

The cheapest short-term fixed rate plan on offer is the Gas South Fixed 6 Month deal, with a rate of $0.490 per therm. That makes it a very attractive plan for anyone who doesn’t want to commit to a long-term deal. This can be a smart idea, since it allows you to renew your plan in October when prices may be lower again! 

Switch And Save On Your Natural Gas Bills Today

If you shop for natural gas savings today, you’ll be in a great position to cut down on your energy bills. We’ll be keeping an eye out for the best deals around, and you can get all the latest information by downloading the Georgia Gas Savings app. Not only can you find savings on natural gas, but you can even switch straight from your iOS or Android device. Get the app today and start saving:

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