Shop and save on cheap gas in Valdosta! Find out which plans cost less and offer the most flexibility to switch when rates fall!

Save With Cheap Gas in Valdosta

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How Can I Save More with Gas Plan Deals?

Shop for cheap natural gas in Valdosta and save! Grab the best rate with a plan that gives you the most flexibility!
Find out how these cheap natural gas rates can help you unlock more shoulder-month deals in Valdosta!

It’s an interesting moment to be shopping cheap gas in Valdosta. Normally, we’d give you a snappy rundown of the cheapest rates on the market. But it’s not so simple at the moment. That’s because 5 of the 6 cheapest Valdosta gas plans are offering identical 57.9 cents per therm rates! So how do you pick? Well, given the rapid approach of the spring shoulder months, this is actually great news! That’s because, with most rates being equal, you can home in on cheap exit fees that’ll let you shop more flexibly come spring. So let’s look at how cheap gas in Valdosta can unlock even better shoulder-month deals for you.

Comparing Cheap Gas Plans in Valdosta 

We’ll start out, perhaps counter-intuitively, with the one cheap rate that bucks the 57.9 cents per therm trend. And you’ll see why. Scana’s Introductory Variable Rate, offering gas at 49.9 cents per therm, is a one-month only deal. So whilst it might seem attractive, it won’t carry you over ‘til spring. In fact, they’ll roll you over onto their variable rate after one month, which can push past $1.50 per therm! True, you might only pay that higher rate for two or three months. However, there’s still plenty of winter left to burn up your heating budget.

Next up, let’s sift through the plans offering a 57.9 cents per therm rate. Constellation’s 36 Month Home Natural Gas Plan is a simple offering: three year’s worth of natural gas, with $7.95 monthly charge, and a flat $150 exit fee. Plus, they’re our customers’ top-rated provider. But there are cheaper exit fees out here for shoulder-month shoppers…

These cheaper exit fees both come from Georgia Natural Gas® plans. We’ll look at their 12 Month Fixed Plan first. The $5.99 to $8.99 monthly recurring charge is comparable to the above, but exit fees in spring will be a much cheaper $100 (dipping down to $50 after 6 months). Plus, you’ll get $150 in fees covered if you’re switching out early from a previous provider. And you’ll get free subscription to their Greener Life carbon offset program for the whole 12 months!

But the Georgia Natural Gas® 6-Month Fixed Plan is your best option by far. The monthly charge is a shade cheaper, at $4.99 – 7.99. And you’ll get the same free Greener Life subscription and $150 in exit fee credits. Most importantly, however, you can switch plans in spring for just $50!

Save More with Cheap Valdosta Natural Gas Now!

So in summary: finding a plan that offers cheap rates alongside a low exit fee can open the door to even more savings in spring. With the Georgia Natural Gas® 6-Month Fixed Plan, you’ll benefit from comparatively low winter rates. More importantly, however, the $50 exit fee will let you lock in an even better shoulder-month deal without breaking the bank! Save with cheap gas in Valdosta, now and over the coming months, by checking in with our great deals and tips at

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