CES 2022 Best Energy Gadgets

Find out this year's best energy gadgets from CES in Las Vegas! Learn more about our favorites and how they can save you money!

What’s Hot in Home Energy Savings This Year?

Check out the best energy gadgets we love from this year's Consumer Electronics Show in La Vegas! Learn which one could help you save money!
This year’s Consumer Electronics Show in La Vegas yielded some juicy new gadgets that could help your home save you money. Here’s a look at some of our favorites!

The world’s largest tech show CES 2022 took place early this month, exhibiting the hottest, most futuristic, and all-round best gadgets trends in technology. And boy, did it go hard. But why are we suddenly chattering about extravagant Las Vegas tech exhibitions? Aren’t we a bill-busting natural gas plan blog? Well, the show yielded some juicy new gadgets for saving energy in the home! So, let’s take a look at some of the best energy gadgets homeowners can buy (or dream about) going into 2022.

Best Energy Gadgets for Homeowners

Let’s start at the affordable end. Because gadgets aren’t helpful to home shoppers if they can’t, well, be shopped! GE Lighting launched a new, if modestly innovative, model of smart thermostat for homeowners looking to cut their heating and cooling bills. The CYNC Smart Thermostat can be controlled from anywhere your smartphone gets a connection, or via simple voice controls if you’ve got Amazon or Google smart home setups. But aren’t there plenty of smart thermostats already on the market? Well, yes. And CYNC isn’t the cheapest, at $120. But because it can work without a DC current “common” or “C-wire” or a smart device hub, you could stand to save money on installation costs. 

The Coolest Energy Gadget

Here’s where it gets fun. Kohler’s Power Reserve modular home battery system officially launched this month, after having remained a concept piece for a couple of years. The package includes a battery and inverter which pair with solar energy systems to store up to 20 kWh of power for your home. You can run your house off this banked power overnight, potentially making huge savings. But more crucially, it also means you can keep your home running off-grid in case there’s a power outage. Prices start at $13,325 (not including installation costs), so start saving now.

Best Energy Gadgets for Indulging! 

OK, so this one falls somewhere between an energy-saving measure and a home-spa facility. But who said saving power can’t be indulgent? The PerfectFill bathing system, also from Kohler, comprises a bath valve, controller, and drain which you can program to run your bath to the perfect temperature and depth, all with a simple voice command. No more energy-wasteful hot-and-cold tap alchemy, and no more overfilling! It’s anticipated to launch in May, and costs a swingeing $2,700. Hey, we said it’d save energy, not money…

Save Home Energy Now, with the Best Energy Gadgets and More!

So what does all this fancy stuff have to do with you, dear energy-shopper? Well, the market is hotting up for fresh new ways to cut down on your utility bills. And they’re making big waves because they’re making big consumer savings. But here’s the thing: you don’t need thousands of dollars to push down your energy costs! Sure, you can nab the CES 2022 best energy gadgets. Or you can shop strategically with the tips and plans we offer at www.georgiagassavings.com, to bank real savings for free!

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