Natural Gas Rates in GA Keep Falling! Shop Intro Plans Now!

Summer is usually when natural gas plan rates go up. But not this summer! Learn how introductory gas plans can help you set up to save later in the year!

Shop Intro Plans for Cheap Gas

Shop cheap gas plans this summer! Rates are low and you can save a lot before fall comes!
Summer is not normally the time to shop gas plans. But this one IS! Rates are low! Shop the Intro Plans for Cheap Natural Gas and learn how you can save more!

It’s the summer to shop cheap gas from the best natural gas provider. Usually as temperatures rise in summer, gas prices follow suit. This year, we continue to see low rates. The savings are particularly tempting with the intro rates from several providers. Jump onto an intro rate now for cheap gas through the summer. Then switch to a new fixed-rate plan in the fall shoulder months and set yourself up for low natural gas rates for years to come. Check out the intro plans available now and start saving.

3 Intro Plans for Low Gas Rates

These intro plans have rock bottom prices to draw in as many customers as possible. With the cheap rate and low summer gas usage, you’ll save through the next few months. But be prepared to shop for a fixed rate plan in fall before prices go up with high winter usage.

Scana Energy Introductory Variable Rate — At $0.549 per therm, this intro plan is actually the most expensive! The provider also offers $5 credits per bill for the first 20 bills. The monthly fee is $5.95. After the first month, you’ll automatically switch to the provider’s standard variable rate. According to GA PSC July 2023 data, that’s currently $1.799 per therm.

Georgia Natural Gas® Market Intro Plan — This plan is available at the cheap rate of $0.399 per therm. Even better, you get to hang on to that low price for two months. You’ll also get Greener Life® free for 6 months and Georgia Natural Gas® will pay up to $200 in fixed contract exit fees. The monthly fee is $4.99-$9.99. After two months, you’ll automatically switch to their standard variable rate. GA PSC July 2023 data shows it’s currently $1.949 per therm.

Gas South Acquisition Variable — Finally, we have the lowest intro rate, just $0.390 per therm. With this plan, you also won’t need a deposit. The monthly fee is $6.95-$9.95. After the first month, you’ll automatically switch to their standard variable rate. The GA PSC July 2023 pricing shows it’s at $1.690 per therm.  

Cheap Natural Gas for Low Credit

The rates of the above intro plans unfortunately aren’t available to everyone. In fact, if you have a lower credit rating, providers may not approve you for special or even standard plans. But you still have options. Gas South has three plans that allow you to have natural gas while building up your credit.

  • Gas South Bridge Plan 6 month at $1.190 per therm.
  • Gas South Bridge Plan 12 month at $1.190 per therm.
  • Gas South Bridge Plan Variable currently at $1.690 per therm.

Natural Gas Intro Plans Ripe for Picking!

Although this summer has been out of the ordinary for cheap rates, it’s impossible to know if they’ll last. So, to assure you’re getting a cheap rate, we recommend you snag one of these intro rate plans now. Compare intro plans and more at

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