Cheap Long Term Gas Plans in Brunswick, GA

Cheap long term natural gas plans can protect you from soaring winter heating bills when gas rates rise! Shop now and save!

Cheap Long Term Gas Up for Grabs!

Cheap long term gas plans are the best way to shield your family from rising natural gas prices. Shop now to lock in a low monthly rate.
Compare these cheap long term priced plans now! Locking in a low monthly fixed rate is the best way to shield your family from rising natural gas prices.

Natural gas is still cheap in GA, so it’s a great time to grab a plan from the best natural gas provider. But not just any plan! A long term natural gas plan is a great choice when prices are this low. You can lock-down that super save rate and keep saving for two years or more. Customers who don’t take advantage of cheap fixed rates will likely pay a lot more for their gas over the same period. So, let’s compare the possible savings with three long term gas plans in Brunswick, GA.

Three Long Term Plans in Brunswick

Firstly, we have the Constellation 24 Month Natural Gas +PowerPlug plan. It’s the most expensive of the three plans at $0.629 per therm. The monthly charge is also the most expensive at $12.95. However, with this plan you get the bonus of a redemption offer for a powerplug, which is a plug-in smart outlet. Constellation also has its own app to use with the powerplug for smart, energy-saving features. The plan has a $150 ETF.

Secondly, there is the Constellation 24 Month Home Natural Gas plan. At $0.579 per therm, it is about 8% cheaper than the above plan. Additionally, the monthly charge drops to $7.95. This plan also has a $150 ETF.

Finally, it’s the Xoom Energy SureLock 24 plan. At just $0.369 per therm, it’s the cheapest plan by far. In fact, the price is 35% cheaper than the next best competitor! The monthly charge is also the cheapest at just $5.85. This plan has a $200 ETF.

How Much Can I Save on Gas?

You’ve seen the per therm prices of three cheap 24 month plans. But how much can you save if you choose one of these plans today? Well, according the Georgia PSC, the average residential gas customer uses about 717 therms per year. So, let’s compare how much each plan will cost you on average for the next year for your gas supply.

24 Month Home Natural Gas+PowerPlug
24 Month Home Natural Gas
Xoom Energy
SureLock 24

Customers who choose the cheapest plan could save $186.42 on gas supply per year. But this isn’t the whole picture.

Will Cheap Gas Rates Last Long?

What might happen if you waited to lock in a fixed rate until December 2024? Gas futures for December are currently trading at about $3.48 per mmbtu, significantly higher than spring prices at about $1.70-$1.80 mmbtu. According to historical prices from Georgia Gas Savings, this means gas supplier rates could average out at around $0.70 per therm in December. At that rate, average residential users may pay about $501.90 per year for gas supply.

So, don’t hesitate and miss out on cheap rates! Grab one of these 24 month plans today. To save the most money over the next two years, you can’t beat Xoom Energy SureLock 24! Secure your new plan now at

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