How to Find the Best Long Term Plan in Atlanta

Most shoppers know Georgia gas rates rise and fall. But with rates so low right this spring now's the time to lock in a long term plan.

Save Money with a Long Term Gas Plan

A long term gas plan can save you money over time. Shop low rates now to save more in the future.
Learn how locking in a low rate long term gas plan right now can save you more when prices rise in the future.

Natural Gas prices in Atlanta are cheap today, but pricier plans are on the horizon. Before GA gas rates go up, compare long term plans and lock down serious savings. With a cheap long term plan, you’ll sail through the next two or three years paying much less for gas than others who decided to wait. So, let’s find the best long term plan for your home in Atlanta today.

Comparing Cheap 36 Month Gas Plans

Firstly, we’ll look at two plans that deliver savings for three years. We’ll estimate the annual costs of gas supply using PSC gas usage numbers for the average residential customer. That’s about 717 therms per year.

The Constellation 36 month Home Natural Gas Plan is the cheapest three year plan available in Atlanta. Specifically, the per therm rate is $0.599. Additionally, there is a $150 ETF and a $7.95 monthly charge. Customers with average natural gas use may spend about $429.48 per year on gas supply with this plan.

We also have the Scana Energy 36 month plan at $0.699 per therm. That’s about 16% higher than the above competitor. The ETF is also higher at $300. The monthly charge is $6.95. Per year, the average customer with this plan will spend about $510.18 on natural gas supply charges.

Keep in mind these annual cost estimates are for supply charges only. Monthly gas bills also include delivery charges, taxes, and other monthly charges.

Comparing Atlanta’s Cheapest 24 Month Gas Plans

Now let’s check out the details for two plans that will keep you going for two years with cheap natural gas rates. Once again, we’ll also provide estimates for annual gas supply costs.

The Xoom Energy SureLock24 plan really blows the competition out of the water as far as a cheap gas rate. At just $0.369 per therm, it’s the cheapest long term plan of the day! The ETF is $200 and the monthly charge is $5.85. Per year, this plan will run you about $264.57 in natural gas supply charges.

Alternatively, there is the Constellation 24 Month Home Natural Gas Plan. This plan is more expensive at $0.579 per therm. There’s a $150 ETF and $7.95 monthly charge. Compared to the above competitor, it’s about 57% more expensive. Per year, the plan will cost customers $415.14 on average.

Which Long Term Gas Plan is Best?

Before we answer the question of which long term gas plan is best, let’s take a quick look into the future. Specifically, December 2024. Because of a possible La Niña, winter temperature could be much colder and gas prices much higher.

According to natural gas market futures, wholesale contract prices are at about $3.42 per mmbtu for this December. That’s significantly higher than April 2024 contracts at $1.76 per mmbtu. Based on historical data from Georgia Gas Savings, the average rate this December could be around $0.70 per therm, or $0.40 per therm higher than the current average rate. An additional $0.40 per therm translates to another $286.80 in gas supply charges annually.

For this reason, I recommend you lock in the cheapest rate with Xoom Energy SureLock 24. Although saving money for longer with a three year plan sounds great, Xoom Energy’s per therm rate is so much lower, it doesn’t make sense to pass it by. Furthermore, getting into a long term contract in March puts you in position to take advantage of cheaper shoulder months rates in 2026 when your term is up.

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