Best 24 Month Gas plan in Savannah, GA 

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Compare natural gas rates and plans and cut your monthly bill!  Lock in these low rates now before they're gone!
Saving money this year starts with shopping for the best 24 month gas plan. Lock in these low rates now before they’re gone!

How Can I Lock In the Best Gas Rate?

Covid keeps on dragging itself out. And with natural gas prices expected to rise later this year, we know Savannah customers are looking to keep that rainy day fund afloat and a-growing. You know switching to a great natural gas plan can win significant dollar savings for your family. And a long term plan sounds attractive – and hassle-free. But isn’t 24 months a huge commitment? Isn’t it safer to go for a shorter term option?

Not necessarily – and certainly not for Savannah natural gas customers! So, let’s compare the best 24 month plans, and show you why they’re a dependable and money-saving option for your family over the next two years. 

Best Gas Rate for Savannah Customers

The cheapest 24 month plan for Savannah customers is the Constellation 24 month standard water heater protection, at a fixed $0.439 per therm rate. The early termination fee is pretty standard at $150, as is the $7.95 monthly recurring charge. The big bonus incentive, on top of the great rate, is the two years of complimentary water heater protection, valued at $142. Plus, their 90 day customer satisfaction guarantee gives you three months to leave without penalty if you don’t like the plan.

Coming in narrowly behind is the Georgia Natural Gas 24 Month Fixed with $100 Bill Credits. Its $0.469 per therm rate is more expensive (although still competitive), and its monthly charge runs from $6.99 to a pricey $9.99. But it’s worth considering if you’re on a budget but want to change plans  – it’ll credit up to $150 to help switching customers cover their previous plan’s early termination fee.

Whilst Infinite Energy’s 24 Month Fixed Plan does have the cheaper $5.95 monthly recurring charge, its rate at $0.489 per therm is slightly more expensive than Constellation’s offerings. And though Infinite Energy doesn’t usually offer many incentives, their customer service is one of the best in Georgia.

Do 24 Month Plans Offer the Best Gas Rate?

In terms of cheap rates, it might surprise you that Constellation’s 24 month plan is cheaper than all the available 12 month plans… except those from Constellation. Their 12 month plans all begin at $0.429 per therm. So, isn’t this a better deal?

Well, in the long run, probably not. Their 12 month plan saves you $0.01 per therm versus the  24 Month Standard plan’s $0.439 per therm rate. So sure, you could lock that in for 12 months, but what happens when the term’s over? With natural gas prices expected to rise, the chances of you landing the same $0.429 per therm rate in 2022 are slim indeed. So, even with the penny difference, you’re likely to see better savings over the long term by locking in the very competitively priced 24 month plan.

Shop Best Value Fixed Rate Gas Plans

If you can take the plunge, you might find the long term commitment in a 24 month natural gas plan is a commitment to long term savings. Savannah customers on 24 month plans can benefit from better rates than in shorter term plans. And some great incentives! As ever, is the easiest way to lock in the best deal to keep you provided for through 2023.

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