Best 12 Month Natural Gas Plans For New Years

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Make your New Years resolution to switch to a new natural gas provider in Georgia and save money!
Happy New Year! Make your New Years resolution to switch to a new natural gas provider in Georgia!

Our Top Picks For 12 Month Natural Gas Plans In 2019

What could be a better resolution for the New Year than saving money on your natural gas bill? Cut down on the costs of natural gas in 2019 by picking up one of these money-saving fixed rate natural gas deals – hand-picked for consumers in the Atlanta Gas & Light service area by the team at Georgia Gas Savings.

The Best Rates For Natural Gas

If you use a lot of natural gas, then finding the best plan is straightforward. The cheapest rate comes from the Constellation 12 Month Metro Home Plan, with a rate of just $0.369 per therm. The next-cheapest rate per therm is $0.449, a whole 8 cents more. If your home is using up a lot of natural gas, then the Constellation 12 Month Metro Home Plan is a great choice. This plan comes with a $7.95 recurring monthly charge, as well as a $150 early termination fee – be sure to factor these costs in when choosing your plan.

Best Plan For A Potential Switch

Natural gas rates in Georgia won’t stay the same all year round. During the “shoulder months” where prices tend to fall (the next of which is April), it’s possible to snap up a heavily discounted rate on natural gas. This means it might be worth considering a plan that comes with a lower early termination fee since it allows you to switch natural gas providers without incurring heavy costs. By far the leader here is the Gas South 12 Month Term plan, which has no early termination fee at all. Compared to the $100-150 that other providers charge this is a significant saving and makes it extremely attractive for buyers looking to shop around in April. Of course, this freedom is balanced out with a higher cost per therm ($0.490) and a higher monthly service charge of $9.95.

Cheapest Natural Gas Service Fee

Most natural gas providers charge a service fee each month, and this often constitutes a significant portion of your bill. Keeping costs down here can really pay dividends, and the XOOM Energy SureLock 12 offers the most competitive pricing on the market. With a rate of just $5.85 per month, it offers consumers guaranteed dollar savings each month. Combined with a reasonable cost per therm of $0.449, this could make the XOOM Energy SureLock 12 the best natural gas plan for your home in 2019.

Finding The Best Natural Gas Plan Next Year

Switching natural gas provider might not be ideal right now; you probably have a lot to deal with around Christmas anyway, and you might get locked into a more expensive contract with your existing natural gas provider. However, you could save yourself a lot of money by finding a cheap natural gas rate in Georgia this new year. It’s all too easy to forget, or to put it off to another day, but the Georgia Gas Savings app is a fantastic way to quickly and easily switch to a new provider. Simply download the app to your smartphone and you’ll be able to view all the deals in your area with just a tap:

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