Winter Gas Furnace Safety Tips

Heating your home with a natural gas furance is one of the most economical ways in Georgia. Check out our tips on how to keep yours running safely and efficiently this winter.

Take Guesswork Out of Gas Furnace Safety

Furnace safety during heating season in Georgia is important. Find out how to keep your heating system running safely and efficiently this winter.
Winter cold can also bring the danger of a poorly maintained natural gas furnace. Check out these tips to keep your heating system running safely and efficiently!

As temperatures drop across Georgia, it’s a critical time to consider the safety of the furnace heating your home. Gas furnaces rely on combustion and generate heat and carbon monoxide. This means there are certain steps you must take for your family’s security. As a bonus, a safer heating system also means a more efficient one which helps lower your monthly Atlanta Gas Light bill! If furnace maintenance is a mystery to you, don’t worry. Just check out our winter gas heating safety tips as you turn the temperature up in your home.

Furnace Safety Checklist

HVAC Filter. Your furnace will run more efficiently and safely when you change the filter as directed. Several companies offer filter subscription services that make it impossible to forget this essential household chore! You’ll also reduce indoor allergens and have a cheaper gas bill.

Child-Proof. Keep children and pets clear of your gas furnace. The appliance can get hot to the touch, so keep kids and pets safe with a gate or other barrier. Even older kids need to be aware that anything flammable, like books and blankets, cannot be near your heating system.

Clean Up. Regularly vacuum and sweep the area around your furnace. Be especially careful of flammable materials like sawdust, dryer lint, pet fur, or combustible liquids.

Intake and Exhaust. Know where your furnace intake and exhaust pipes are. It’s important to maintain clearance around these pipes for heating efficiency and safety. The exhaust vents out toxic carbon monoxide while the intake supplies fresh air and prevents the system from pulling too much oxygen from inside your home.

Install Detectors. It’s common to see smoke detectors throughout most homes now. But with a gas furnace, a carbon monoxide detector is just as important! Take your safety measures a step further and install a carbon monoxide detector and smoke detector near your heating system for the quickest alert.

Maintenance. Scheduling regular maintenance for your gas furnace is an easy way to keep your appliance running efficiently and safely. You’ll get a professional clean and detect any problems early on.

Upgrade. Consider upgrading your furnace if it’s more than 15 years old. Newer gas heating systems could increase your appliance efficiency by more than 20%. Although the initial investment is high, you’ll save money on your energy bill and conserve natural gas each month.

Warm up Safely with Gas Heat

You’ll feel more secure this winter with our gas heating safety tips. Not only do these simple measures increase your safety, but they can also help you save money on your gas bill! If you want to save even more, shop for cheap gas prices at

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