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With natural gas prices expected to rise this winter, now's the time to shop low rates for natural gas plans in Atlanta!
With natural gas prices expected to rise this winter, now’s the time to shop low rates for natural gas plans in Atlanta!

6 Month Natural Gas Savings for Metro Atlanta Customers

Though the holidays are a few months away, Metro Atlanta customers are tightening their belts now. Cheaper natural gas shoulder month rates are coming to a close. And Covid complications mean Metro Atlanta residents are finding long-term planning harder than ever.  But don’t be daunted – we’ve run the figures. Let’s take a look at the best short term natural gas plans to save money for you and your family this winter. 

How Do I Look After My Bills

Keep an eye on the price per therm. As soon as the shoulder months end, prices will likely rise. We expect Georgia natural gas prices to continue to rise in December and January. This year’s predicted La Niña may well drive up demand and increase energy prices further.

The Georgia Natural Gas Winter Guaranteed Bill plan will secure you current prices with a flat monthly bill. This might be pricier per therm than the fixed plans – run your zip code through the online tool to get an estimate. But, you’ll be protected from cold snap price hikes, and you’ll know in advance your expenditure every month – you’ll be paying for the added convenience. Plus, you’ll be switching your plan again in 6 months when we’re back into cheaper spring shoulder months. 

Energy Price Comparison for 6 Month Plans

Fixed rate plans will also protect you from fluctuating market prices, although your monthly bill will depend on your usage. Taking the Georgia Public Service Commission  average estimated annual usage of 717 therms (717 over 12 months = 60 therms per month), we ran the figures on these 6-month fixed rate natural gas plans to show an estimated monthly gas supply cost.

Shop for Best Natural Gas Suppliers

The Constellation 6 month Home Natural Gas Plan works out as the cheapest natural gas plan for Metro Atlanta residents, at around $33/month:

$0.419 per therm x 60 therms used = $25.14 per month, + $7.95 recurring charge = $33.09/month for gas supply.

However, its $150 early termination charge might prove too restrictive. 

All the Metro Atlanta 6-month fixed plans have early termination charges, bar one: the Georgia Natural Gas 6-Month Fixed Plan. It is as cheap as Constellation, at $33/month:

$0.469 per therm x 60 therms used = $28.14 per month, + $4.99 recurring charge = $33.13/month for gas supply.

But for flexibility, its $50 early termination charge puts it head and shoulders above the rest.

Finding the Best Natural Gas Plan for You

If you’re new to (or anxious about) navigating natural gas energy plans, you might put a premium on good customer feedback. 

Infinite Energy scores well with our customer base. However, the Infinite Energy 6 Mo Fixed contract comes in most expensive, at around $42/month:

$0.599 per therm  x 60 therms used = $35.94 per month, + $5.95 recurring charge = $41.89/month for gas supply.

Consider Georgia Natural Gas 6-Month Fixed Plan, which is both cheaper – see above – and they rank first with our customers. Plus, remember it’s the only one with the low $50 early termination charge. 

Cheapest Natural Gas Suppliers for Short Term Contracts

Georgia Natural Gas Market Intro Plan is a 2 month plan offered to new GNG customers, and offers the lowest rate by far at just $0.299 per therm.With no early termination charge, it’s a good quick fix if you’re trying to keep your mid-term options open.

Save on Natural Gas in Georgia Today 

Using you can easily balance value for money with changing, short-term plans. Keep you and your family warm, and your pockets fuller, by saving money with our easy plan comparison guides.  


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