No Contract Natural Gas Rates in Atlanta

Get a variable rate natural gas plan in April while you stalk the lowest price fixed rate plans.
Sometimes it’s the right time not to make a commitment. Get a variable rate natural gas plan in April while you stalk the lowest price fixed rate plans.

Find A Contract-Free Natural Gas Plan In Atlanta, GA

You don’t have to sign up for a fixed-term contract to save money on natural gas. Although prices on fixed rate plans are often cheaper, there are still good reasons to go contract-free. We’ll help you find the best natural gas rates in Georgia without locking yourself into a fixed-term contract.

What Can I Expect From A No Contract Gas Rate?

Fixed rates, as the name suggests, give you a set price per therm. The natural gas provider commits to a certain price, and you commit to buying natural gas for a certain length of time, such as 6, 12, or 24 months. The flip side of this is the variable rate natural gas plan. In short, you agree to pay whatever monthly rate your natural gas provider charges, but you are free to sign with another supplier next month. If you see another provider offers a better deal on natural gas, you can switch to them instead with no penalty.

What Are The Best Prices For Natural Gas Without A Contract?

There are two no contract natural gas plans in Atlanta to choose from. These come from SCANA Energy and Infinite Energy, two well-established natural gas providers. The SCANA Energy Introductory Variable Rate deal offers a rock-bottom price on natural gas. At a price per therm of just $0.299, it’s cheaper than any other plan (including fixed rate plans). However, that rate is only available for a single month. The rate then automatically goes to the SCANA Energy standard variable rate, and the price per therm jumps up to $1.31. However, if you’re just looking for a short-term solution, then a month of cheap natural gas could be an excellent option.

For a longer-term flexible natural gas solution, Atlanta residents can opt for the Infinite Energy Standard Variable plan. The price per therm starts out at $1.309, so there’s no cheap introductory period as with the SCANA Energy plan. However, if you don’t use a lot of natural gas this may not make much difference to you. For instance, a small apartment without a natural gas furnace may use far less natural gas than the average Atlanta home. In these circumstances, you may not be that bothered about saving a few bucks.

Advantages Of A Contract Free Natural Gas Supply

The price per therm of these month-to-month natural gas deals is much higher than you’ll find with fixed rate plans. We still recommend picking up a fixed rate natural gas plan as the best way to save money on natural gas. However, there are some very good reasons to pick a variable rate plan as a short term solution.

When To Choose A No Contract Natural Gas Deal

Early termination fees on fixed term contracts can easily exceed $100. If you need to break your contract early then you’ll find the savings you made get wiped out. Sometimes it is better to opt for a short stint on a variable rate than it is to sign up to a fixed rate plan and break it. You might also use a variable natural gas rate to push back the date when you renew your fixed term natural gas deal. This can be a smart idea when natural gas discounts are just round the corner

If you have a variable natural gas rate, remember that rates tend to go lower in the spring.  So, make sure to keep an eye on the best natural gas prices in Georgia. You can even get the latest prices direct to your smartphone using our new app, for both iOS and Android devices:

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