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Learn how you can save more next year when you shop our trending and recommended gas supplier plans.

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Shop gas supplier plans for your home in Macon, Ga. Check out our trending and recommended plans that can help you save more.
Winter may not be over but there’s no reason to freeze in fear of high natural gas bills. Shop our trending and recommended gas supplier plans now and save.

We are heading towards the end of the peak gas use season. So, your monthly natural gas bills should be shrinking before you know it. But finding a cheap gas supplier now is still a great way to lower your energy costs for next winter. How do you find a cheap gas plan in Macon? A great place to start is with our sponsored and trending gas plans. Easily compare plans and you’ll be on your way to securing the best natural gas provider. Let’s take a look at three cheap gas suppliers in Macon now.

3 Cheap and Trending Gas Plans in Macon

Check out the details for our three trending gas plans in Macon right now.

Georgia Natural Gas® 12-Month Fixed

  • $0.529 per therm
  • $100 ETF in the first 6 months and $50 ETF in the last 6 months
  • $5.99-$8.99 monthly charge

According to data available from the PSC, this per therm rate is about 15% lower than the average for 12-month plans in Georgia for February 2024.

Constellation 24-Month Home Natural Gas Plan

  • $0.649 per therm
  • $150 ETF
  • $7.95 monthly charge

Again according to the PSC, this per therm rate is right on par for the average of 24-month plans in Georgia right now. On the other hand, the rate is about 19% higher than the 12-month plan above. Constellation’s 24-month plan could be a smart move if gas prices go up significantly across the board by this time next year.

Gas South Acquisition Variable

  • $0.390
  • No ETF
  • $6.95-$9.95 monthly charge
  • $20 in bill credits
  • No deposit

This variable rate plan is a great option if you need a new natural gas provider and need to save as much money as possible for one month. You’ll be hard pressed to find a cheaper rate, but this price will only last one month. After that, the rate will switch to the provider’s standard variable rate, which is currently $1.99 per therm, according to the PSC. Furthermore, although next month brings spring, shoulder month rates aren’t likely to be available yet. And with winter not over yet, it’s possible rates could be higher in March.

The Best Gas Supplier in Macon Today

For my money, I would go with cheaper for longer. Today, that’s the Georgia Natural Gas® 12-Month Fixed plan. This plan beats a lot of the competition with a rate that will take you through an entire year. Locking in a cheap rate for 2 years with Constellation is also tempting. But I’m betting that 12 month plans next February will have competitive rates to set you up for another year of savings.

Not every home is the same. So shop and compare the best gas supplier plans that meet your needs. Pick up your cheap and trending natural gas plan today at

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