Georgia’s Low Cost Leaders for Natural Gas, June 2024

Learn how to get more out of Georgia PSC apples to apples provider data to find the low cost natural gas leader!

Save With Low Cost Leaders in Natural Gas

Get low cost natural gas from the best providers in Georgia! Rates are starting to climb this summer. Shop and lock in the cheapest plan for your home.
The Georgia PSC does show which are the cheapest providers but not why. Learn which provider really is the low cost natural gas leader in Georgia and how that affects monthly bills.

The summer sun is quickly sweeping away the days of moderate temperatures and low natural gas prices. Without a doubt, if you have a standard variable rate plan, per therm rates will be going up and up. But there is a simple solution for your rising natural gas bill in Georgia for June 2024. That is, finding a cheap 12 month fixed rate plan. So, let’s check out Georgia’s low cost leaders for natural gas.

How to Compare Low Cost Natural Gas

Because your natural gas costs depend on how much you use each month, it can seem hard to compare natural gas plan prices. However, the Georgia PSC provides a breakdown each month that can make it easier. They use an “Apples-to-Apples” comparison that smoothes out monthly variability. It also adds in things like monthly repeating charges to the monthly rate.

For June 2024, the Georgia PSC identifies clear low cost natural gas leaders. In fact, the leaders, Xoom Energy and Stream Energy are neck and neck with their price points this month. For both plans, the per therm rate is $0.489 and you get that rate locked in for 12 months. But you have to know where to dig to find the details. Where Xoom Energy takes a narrow lead is with the monthly charge which is $1.00 cheaper than their competitor. The PSC estimates the typical customer’s monthly bill to be about $50.39 with Xoom Energy.

More Options for Gas Plans

Choosing the cheapest natural gas provider can probably save you the most money. However, many other providers can come close in savings.

For example, the 12 month plans from Scana Energy in June 2024 has a $0.649 per therm rate. That’s about 33% more than the low cost leader. But when you look at the PSC estimates for typical monthly bills, Scana Energy is at $55.17. That’s less than a $5.00 difference from the low cost leader!

But your options don’t end there. In addition to these providers, there are many more with competitive prices and even longer fixed rate terms. And though the Georgia PSC does indicate low cost leaders for natural gas, it doesn’t provide the whole picture. So, when it comes to looking beyond dollars and actually choosing your new natural gas provider, you can’t beat Georgia Gas Savings. Come get your next low cost gas plan today at

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