What Are The Cheapest Gas Rates In Metro-Atlanta?

Find the cheapest gas rates in Metro-Atlanta! Rates are climbing fast. Get the smartest gas plan to save you money.
Natural gas rates are steep already, and climbing fast. Find out the smartest way to get the cheapest gas rates in Metro-Atlanta!

Where can I Shop Cheapest Gas in Atlanta?

Metro-Atlanta Atlanta Gas Light (AGL) customers are staring down the barrel of a costly winter for energy bills. Natural gas rates are steep already, and climbing fast… So shopping cheap gas rates this season should be your top priority! But what’s your smartest option? Well, with moderate discounts looking likely for the spring shoulder months, you’ll want to combine a cheap fixed rate with low early termination fees. This way you’ll keep winter costs down, and can switch plans to make further savings come spring. Let’s see which of the cheapest gas rates in Metro-Atlanta strikes that balance!

Comparing Cheapest Gas Rates in Atlanta

Let’s start with a word of warning, courtesy of the Introductory Variable Rate from Scana Energy. This 39.9 cents per therm variable rate is the cheapest out there. And with its $5.95 monthly charge and no early termination fee, boy does it look attractive. But don’t be tempted! This bargain rate lasts one month only. Subsequently, they’ll place you on their variable rate plan. This currently stands at an eye-watering $1.60 per therm and it’s likely to get pricier. So if you’re staying in Metro-Atlanta over winter, don’t delay in locking down a longer-term fixed rate!

The 51.9 cents per therm rate on XOOM’s RescueLock 12 is steeper than 39.9 cents, sure. But it’s a darn sight cheaper than $1.60! Plus it’s a fixed rate, which will protect you from price spikes over winter. The $5.85 monthly recurring charge is competitive, too. And its $100 early termination fee is the lowest you’ll find on cheap rate plans. Plus, they’ll donate 5% of your monthly charges to PetSmart Charities!

However, if it’s maximum savings you’re after, you’ll want to consider XOOM’s second offering. Their SureLock 12 plan combines the same $5.85 monthly recurring charge and $100 early termination fee as above. However, you’ll be getting a marginally lower 49.9 cents per therm rate. And every cent counts this winter! Plus, this same competitive early termination fee will help you lock in an even cheaper natural gas plan come spring.

Shop Lowest Metro-Atlanta Gas Prices Now!

So in summary, Metro-Atlanta customers need to lock in a cheap, fixed natural gas rate as soon as possible. And balancing a cheap rate with low exit fees will help you cash in if rates ease come spring. Your best money-saving option here will likely be XOOM’s SureLock 12. Moreover, with natural gas being particularly costly this winter, you’ll want to be frugal! So employ some good home energy-saving tactics. Anything from full weatherizing to a good set of winter jumpers will knock valuable cents off that bill. So, what are the cheapest gas rates in Metro-Atlanta? Stay with www.georgiagassavings.com to keep informed – and shop smart!

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