Best Gas Plan for Renters in Athens

Shop for the best gas plan for your college apartment in in Athens,GA. Learn how to get the best deal to help you save more.
With classes back on session, many college students are struggling to shop for the best gas plan for their college apartment. Hey, we’ve got you covered! Learn which kinds of plans work best for renters.

How Can I Shop Best Gas Rates for Renters?

College is back in session, and with Athens students moving into new digs, the hunt is on for the best gas plan for Atlanta Gas Light (AGL) renters. But temporary residences can seem hard to plan for. Budgets are tight, and unpredictable – and it’s not like you’re bedding down for years, right? Can you really get a good gas deal just to tide you over until, say, spring? 

Well, never fear folks! We know cheap rates are a must – especially as heating bills start creeping up. For Athens customers, this means plans that come on a 12/24 month timescale. But don’t be spooked. By balancing low rates with low exit fees, you can benefit from economical bills and jump off the plan come spring. We’ve rounded up your strongest candidates. 

Locking in Best Gas Plan for Renters

Firstly, there’s the 12-Month Fixed plan from Georgia Natural Gas®. The 59.9 cents per therm rate is relatively good, and the $5.99 – $8.99 monthly charge is cheap at the bottom end. Early termination is $100 in the first six months, but in the final six drops to just $50. Moreover, they’re our customers’ best rated provider

If you’re likely to stay put for a while, there’s the 24 Month Home Natural Gas  plan from Constellation. The 54.9 cents per therm rate is a step down from the Georgia Natural Gas® plan. Plus, even if the $7.95 monthly charge is higher, it isn’t significantly so. The great thing for renters is that this plan comes with a 90 day Guarantee Period. This lets you cancel the plan within the first 3 months without paying a pricey $150 early termination charge

Cheapest of all is the 12 month SureLock 12 plan from XOOM Energy. The rate is significantly cheaper at just 39.9 cents per therm, and the monthly charge is an affordable $5.85. You might end up sticking with this great deal for the full 12 months – but if something better comes along, the early termination is just $100!

Compare Natural Gas Rates Carefully!

Finally, a word of warning to new renters: handle no-contract intro rate plans with care. Take the Gas South Acquisition Variable, for example. You’ll get a great 39.9 cents per therm rate for one month, with no early termination fees and a $6.95 to $9.95 monthly charge. Whilst this gives you one month to shop plans, you’ll be automatically rolled onto a far pricier plan if you don’t cancel in time.

By the way, you can lock in much the same rate on XOOM’s plan above, with significantly less risk and hassle!

Shop Best Gas Plan for Renters Now

There’s no need to sweat over finding the best gas plan going into winter. These options offer a balance of great rates, low exit fees, and some attractive renter incentives to keep you going until spring. They’re cheap, they’re manageable, and they’ll make you real buck savings! Lock in the best gas plan for renters in Athens now, by sticking with

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