Can I Sign Up For Regulated Natural Gas Provider Service?

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How do you find affordable natural gas service if you are low-income or credit-challenged in Georgia?
Life happens. How do low-income or credit-challenged natural gas customers find service in AGL, Georgia?

Who Can Sign Up with the Regulated Natural Gas Provider Service?

Within the Atlanta Gas and Light (AGL) service area, the natural gas market is largely deregulated. However, due to different life situations, there are low-income and credit-challenged consumers in the state who need reliable natural gas service at a more affordable rate. To aid these customers, the Georgia PSC appointed a regulated natural gas provider.

Who provides regulated natural gas in Georgia?

Georgia’s regulated natural gas supplier is SCANA Energy Regulated. While the parent company, SCANA Energy participates in the deregulated market, only SCANA Energy Regulated Division is certified by the Georgia Public Service Commission to provide natural gas to qualifying low-income and credit-challenged consumers.

Who can use regulated natural gas?

Georgia’s regulated natural gas services are not available to everyone. Regulated supplies are designed to provide for consumers who might struggle to find a supplier in the deregulated market. To sign up for regulated natural gas services in Georgia, you must belong to one of the two following groups:

  • Qualifying low income residential consumers.
  • Credit-challenged consumers, those who cannot obtain or maintain a natural gas service, or those who have been transferred to this group because of their utility payment history.

What is the difference between regulated and deregulated natural gas?

While the price of Georgia deregulated natural gas is set by market competition, the price of regulated natural gas is overseen by the Georgia Public Service Commission.

SCANA Energy Regulated service prices are tied to SCANA Energy plans offered on the open market. These plans are filed with the Georgia PSC.

  1. Low incomes customers receive a discount for $0.05 off the SCANA 6 Month Fixed-Rate Plan or the SCANA 12 Month Fixed. A further $0.10 discount is available for senior citizens. Variable rate plans carry a similar discount.
  1. Credit-challenged consumers with adverse credit history will be charged a rate of $.17 per therm more for the SCANA 6 Month Fixed-Rate or the SCANA 12 Month Fixed-Rate

Are there any additonal fees involved?

Specific fees of each plan will depend on whether the consumer is low-income or credit-challenged, and whether they qualify as a senior citizen. Low-income consumers receive the cheaper fees and senior citizens in both groups receive an additional discount.

Generally, consumers will pay a $25 connection fee, a $50 meter installation fee (if required), a regular service charge of between $1.50 – $8.95 per month and in some cases a deposit of $100 or more.

Regulated Natural Gas in Georgia

The Georgia Public Service Commission provides excellent information on regulated gas services on their website. You can compare how these prices differ with the deregulated natural gas market by viewing the best rates for natural gas in Georgia. Whether you need regulated or deregulated services, you’ll be sure to find a plan that works for you.

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