Should I Shop Natural Gas in GA in the Winter?

It's not too late to shop natural gas rates in GA. Find out how our three tips can help you save.

What Should Winter Natural Gas Shoppers Look For?

Shop natural gas plans in GA now! It's not too late to snag the best natural gas deals if you follow our three tips that show you what to look for!
Use our three tips to help you shop natural gas plans in GA! With rising prices and falling winter temperatures, now’s the time to snag the best natural gas deals!

With all our hooting and hollering about shoulder month deals, GA energy customers might think it’s too late to shop natural gas in the winter. After all, rates are on the up. So surely you’ve missed the window for locking down the best power plans, right? Well, whilst that’s technically true, remember the golden rule: things can always get a whole lot worse! So, winter energy shoppers listen up. Because these three tips will help you wring the best deal from the available providers….

Browse Customer Reviews

Prickly customer service and slow response times is always a turn off. But for winter shoppers, the stakes are higher. After all, when the weather outside is frightful, the last thing you want is a provider dragging their feet to process your energy contract!

So nose around our reviews page to see what past and current customers have to say about our different suppliers. Try looking at the customer service and billings and account management tabs to begin with – these are two major bugbear areas that will affect how smoothly your contract is handled.

Naturally, online content should never be read as gospel (present company excepted, of course). But it is worth getting a sense of how the different providers might manage any tricky patches over winter. 

Watch Out for Cold Snaps

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is forecasting a warmer, drier winter for Georgia this year. But don’t get complacent! Because this ever-variable state is no stranger to cold snaps. And these can create eye-watering rate spikes for the unsuspecting natural gas customer. Especially if they chose a variable rate!

Additionally, rates also trend upwards over the coming months, peaking around January. All in all, this means holding off on locking down a plan is risky business. The longer you wait, the more you expose yourself to errant and costly snap spikes. 

So winter natural gas shoppers would do well to prioritise getting their plans sorted ASAP. That doesn’t mean jumping at the first fixed rate out there. But it does mean making time for it now, so you can make good on savings over winter. 

Shop Natural Gas in GA with Strong Winter Incentives

Providers usually offer year-round incentives to reel in customers. And whilst these run the gamut from pet charity donations to carbon offsetting, some offer neat alternative ways of making savings even as rates continue to climb .

Case in point is Constellation, who offer some plans with the added bonus of free water heater protection. This coverage could help you dodge hefty water heater repair fees if things go wonky with your equipment this winter. 

Shop Natural Gas in GA now!

If you’re shopping for natural gas this winter, bear these three points in mind to make sure you’re picking the right provider, and plan, to keep your bills low. So if you’re asking yourself, should I shop natural gas in GA in the winter? Sure, fill your boots – but be smart about it, and lock in savings today at

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