GGS’s Natural Gas Plan of the Month

See how our Plan of the Month could help you keep your natural gas bill lower.

What Natural Gas Plan Should I Shop in May?

Read why our Plan of the Month for May could help you save more this coming year!
Prices are rising! So check out our hand-picked, simple-language rundown of GGS’s Natural Gas Plan of the Month for May and see how you could save!

For natural gas shoppers just dipping their toes into the Georgia energy market, things might feel complicated. We get it! All this talk of how to compare rates, dodge price spikes, and navigate a volatile market… things can start to feel a little, well, overwhelming. So we’ll be keeping it simple this week with our Plan of the Month. One cheap choice deal, hand-picked, with a simple-language rundown of why it works – and who it works best for! Let’s dive in. 

May’s Plan of the Month – for Long Term Shoppers

This month, we’ll be giving you the rundown on an ultra long-term energy plan. Our Plan of the Month for May comes courtesy of Constellation, with their 36 Month Home Natural Gas Plan. And it’s a great find. But let’s back up a moment and look at precisely why long term gas plans can be a real winner. 

Why this Long Term Gas Plan Works

Providers are keen to incentivize shoppers to stick with them for the long-haul. So, generally speaking, longer contracts will come with lower fixed rates. You can see this in action with our Plan of the Month’s 74.9 cents per therm rate, which you get by locking in a contract for 36 months. It’s cheaper than the vast majority of 12-24 month plans. And it’s cheaper than every single 6 month plan out there. 

Furthermore, locking in a long-term rate will shield your household energy bills from the upward creep of gas prices which has been in progress since 2020. Looking again at this plan’s rate history, you can see it’s gone up substantially since February alone. That’s likely to continue inching upwards, which means freezing it now will make you real savings over the next few years. 

In the case of this Plan of the Month, you’ll also benefit from Constellation’s highly-commended service. Constellation is our customers’ top rated provider. They top the leaderboard in recommendations, billing and account management, plans and pricing, and order experience. 

What to Watch Out for with Long Term Plans

The $7.95 monthly recurring charge is fairly standard. But there is one thing you’ll want to watch out for: that’s the $150 early termination fee. It’s standard for long term plans to charge higher termination fees – this fee is in fact fairly modest for 36 month plans. But it means that shoppers looking for shorter-term flexibility might want to look elsewhere for a plan that’s cheaper to jump off of. 

Shop this Month’s Top Pick Today!

This month, we’ve taken you through our top pick for a money-saving long-term natural gas plan. With the 36 Month Home Natural Gas Plan, you’ll lock in a cheap fixed rate for the next three years, with a top-rated provider. For those of you looking to settle down, it’s a great money-saving deal! So shop this plan of the month for May, and tune in for more energy-market tips, at

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