Compare Macon’s 12 Month Natural Gas Plans

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Shop for a low-priced Macon natural gas supplier with the best 12 month fixed rate plan now!
With so many natural gas providers in Macon, how do you choose a plan? No worries! We’ve found the best 12 month fixed rate plans for your family!

Which 12 Month Natural Gas Plans Are Available In Macon?

The team at Georgia Gas Savings is always looking for ways to help our customers. We know that 12 month natural gas plans are amongst the most popular on the market. So to help you pick out the right one for your home we compared all five fixed rate natural gas deals in Macon.

Who Provides Natural Gas In Macon?

There are four natural gas marketers providing a total of five 12-month fixed rate natural gas deals for Macon residents. These are XOOM Energy, Constellation, SCANA Energy and Infinite Energy. Each marketer offers a different price plan, and we’re going to break down each one so you can easily make a decision.

Which 12 Month Fixed Rate Plan Is The Cheapest?

Each one of these plans comes with a different price per therm. The Constellation 12 Month Metro Home Plan costs just $0.399 per therm, making it our cheapest option overall. SCANA Energy’s 12 Month Fixed Rate Plan is only a little more costly at $0.429, while the XOOM Energy SureLock 12 and RescueLock 12 plans come in at $0.459 and $0.479 respectively. The most expensive plan is the Infinite Energy 12 Month Fixed, costing $0.589. That’s a huge difference of almost 20 cents per therm between the cheapest and most expensive deals!

How High Are The Service Fees?

Most natural gas marketers in the Atlanta Gas & Light service area charge a monthly service fee as part of your natural gas bill. All of our marketers except one charge around $6 per month, with about 10 cents separating them. SCANA Energy, however, charges $6.95 monthly, adding a significant amount onto your household bills. While $1 per month doesn’t sound like a lot, it’s worth bearing in mind when hunting for the cheapest natural gas in Georgia.

What If I Want To Leave The Plan Early?

You’re always free to a natural gas provider in Georgia, however, you’ll usually have to pay an early termination fee if your contract is still in effect. Constellation and SCANA Energy both charge $150 to do so, while Infinite Energy and XOOM Energy cost $100. However, your best bet is simply to find a deal that you won’t want to switch from; always search for the best price you can find.

What Other Features Should I Consider?

One of the most important parts of choosing a natural gas supplier is to make sure you’ll get great customer service. We use real reviews of natural gas providers in Georgia, combined with extensive third-party data and information from the Georgia Public Services Commission, to rank each marketer according to the quality of their service. Constellation and SCANA Energy are the two leaders here, with 4 out of 5 stars each. As these are the two cheapest deals on offer we’re confident that they’ll be perfect for any Macon residents.

Donating To Charity With RescueLock 12

XOOM Energy’s RescueLock 12 plan helps fund pet adoptions through PetSmart by sending 5% of your monthly energy charges towards finding homes for abandoned pets all over the country – a great goal, and one that can be very rewarding. However, we should point out that if you choose a cheaper natural gas deal you’ll actually have more money to give to charity. If you chose the Constellation 12 Month Metro Home Plan instead of the XOOM Energy plan and donated the difference, you’d actually be giving about 3 times as much money to charity!

Do I Have The Cheapest Natural Gas Supplier?

To help you find the best rates for natural gas, we launched the Georgia Gas Savings app. Download this to your smartphone and you’ll be able to shop for and quickly compare the latest rates from Georgia gas marketers. You can even switch supplier in just a few minutes! Find the app at .

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