Why Is My Summer Natural Gas Bill High?

In Georgia, higher natural gas rates actually inflate bills in summer. Find what you can do to save money.

Will My Energy Costs Rise Again in Summer? 

In Georgia, your summer natural gas bill does have higher rates. Find out why and what you can do!
Believe it or not, the rate on your summer natural gas bill in Georgia actually goes up. Learn what you can do to keep your summer energy bills to a bare minimum!

Summertime is coming folks, and the living is… well, maybe not as easy on your natural gas bill as you might expect. Sure, as we leave this cold winter of increased energy consumption you’re not going to be shelling out so much on heating. But that’s not the only thing affecting your monthly energy bill. Let’s compare some of the reasons why your power bills get so steep. And we’ll look at the best ways to keep your summer natural gas bill cheaper, even as the mercury climbs. 

Why Your Natural Gas Bill Might Spike

We’ll start with the good news. There are plenty of energy-guzzling appliances in your home that can add substantial dollars to your monthly bill. But wait – why’s that good news? Well, you can control it! Optimizing appliance usage, or swapping out old appliances for more efficient models, can knock real chunks of your natural gas bill.

Your water heater, for example, is a major contributor to household energy usage. It can make up nearly one fifth of your monthly bill! So keep it turned down to 120 fahrenheit (48 celsius) for optimal energy consumption. And make sure you turn it down (or off!) when you’re off on summer holiday. 

Your clothes dryer is another energy hog. And we get it –  it’s tough to avoid using it during the wet winter months. But each cycle pushes your monthly energy bill up – and contributes to that high summer tally. So stringing up a clothesline whilst the weather’s good can make you real savings. 

Ovens can prove an unwelcome boost to your natural gas bills too. In fact, some experts suggest restricting its usage to special occasions is “the single most impactful thing an individual can do” to reduce domestic energy consumption. So maybe it’s time to get that air fryer after all.

Cost of Your AGL Connection

There are, however, some factors affecting your summer natural gas bill that you can’t wriggle out of. Firstly, you’ll still be paying for the AGL connection year round. Secondly, and most importantly, natural gas rates can spike devastatingly high over summer – often doubling. This means you don’t want to be shopping for a new plan over this period. And you certainly don’t want to find yourself on a variable rate. Shopping for a fixed rate natural gas plan now is one of the best ways of keeping your bills under control this summer. 

Keep Your Summer Natural Gas Bills Low

The summer period is notorious for seeing dramatic energy rate spikes. So now is no time to get complacent! First of all, you need to make sure your appliances aren’t siphoning more out of your wallet than absolutely necessary. That ball’s in your court. Second of all, you need to get your home locked onto a money-saving fixed rate gas plan. And that, we can help you with. If you’re asking yourself, why is my summer natural gas bill high? Well, you might need to shop a better plan, at  www.georgiagassavings.com!

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