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Shop and compare the lowest fixed rate plans for natural gas plans in Georgia.
Timing IS everything! Find the lowest natural gas prices in Georgia by shopping for the best fixed rate plans right now!

What’s the best time to find low Atlanta natural gas rates?

Timing is everything, and when it comes to choosing a new natural gas rate there’s no exception. Now is the right time to lock in the best rate for natural gas in Atlanta, before prices begin rising for winter. Find out why you need to act quickly in order to save money on your bills.

Why should you find a new plan now?

Natural gas prices rise and fall throughout the year. We burn more of it during the winter and summer, which drives prices up, and in between these peaks the prices tend to fall. The months in between these peaks are known as natural gas “shoulder months”. It’s during these months when it’s the best time of year to find a new supplier for your household. By late November, most suppliers’ plan rates will start rising, which means you’ve only got a few weeks to lock in a great deal.

How can I find the best plan for me?

Georgia Gas Savings was set up to help you find the very cheapest natural gas rates in the Atlanta Gas & Light service area, and our site is designed to make it easy for you. We provide all the details you need to make an informed decision, including in-depth information on early termination fees, monthly charges, customer reviews and more. To find fixed rate natural gas deals in Atlanta, simply click the link and start browsing.

Should I choose a long or a short plan?

Locking in a fixed rate for your natural gas is a great idea, and the cheaper the price you can find, the more you’ll save. Typically, 24-month fixed rate deals offer the cheapest rates around, with 12-month deals costing slightly more. We recommend finding the cheapest price you can find, taking into account any switching fees and monthly charges. Bear in mind the advantages of different plan lengths; a 24 month plan gives you longer protection from natural gas price spikes and other unpredictable problems. On the other hand, shorter 12 month plans let you switch earlier if a better deal comes along.

Can I switch my natural gas provider?

You can always switch to a new natural gas provider, even if you’re still signed up to a fixed term contract. You may need to pay an early termination fee; this varies from one company to the next, and can be upwards of $100. While the process of switching can be difficult, Georgia Gas Savings makes it simple. All you have to do is fill in a few details, and we’ll handle the rest. If you’re not sure what to do next, take a look at our simple guide to switching natural gas providers.

Finding the best natural gas rates around

Natural gas prices can change very quickly, and we want to ensure our customers are always up to date with the latest deals on offer. If you want to keep one step ahead of the pack and always get the best prices on Atlanta natural gas, simply download the Georgia Gas Savings app. You can browse deals right from your smartphone and even switch to a new provider. Find the app here:


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