Renters Save On 6 Month Gas Rates

Energy rates will probably be uncertain this summer so now's the time to save on natural gas rates in GA!

What’s the Best Gas Plan for Renters?

Energy rates will probably be uncertain this summer so now's the time to save on natural gas rates in GA!
Energy prices are uncertain this summer. Georgia college student renters looking for a short term commitment can really save on their gas rates but only if they shop now!

Georgia students graduating college this spring might be feeling a lot of uncertainty right now. Because energy prices are a little expensive, you don’t want to be roped into a long-term natural gas plan. Especially because who knows where you’ll be in 12 months? But boy do you want to be saving some extra cash… Well, a short term gas plan just might be the right option for you! There are some great bill-busting natural gas rates out there right now that’ll help you save on gas rates until fall. Let’s see which of these 6 month gas plans is the best fit…

Compare Short Term Rates for Renters

First off, let’s look at Scana’s 6 Month Fixed Rate to illustrate the value of shopping around! This 79.9 cents per therm rate is steep, even if the $6.95 monthly charge is fairly middling. And you don’t want to be hit by that $150 early termination fee if you need to jump ship. So let’s see if you can do better…

Gas South’s Fixed 6 Month plan is moving in the right direction to save on gas rates. Sure, the $6.95 to $9.95 monthly charge could see you paying a little extra, and there’s still that pesky $150 early termination fee. But the 75 cents per therm rate is a shade cheaper, and you could earn $20 in bill credits. 

We’re finally getting there, however, with the 6 Month Fixed plan from Georgia Natural Gas®. The substantially cheaper rate comes in at 65.9 cents per therm, with a $4.99 – $7.99 monthly recurring charge and a markedly lower $50 exit fee. Furthermore, it’s a great eco-choice: Georgia Natural Gas® will sign you onto their Greener Life ® carbon offset program for free over the course of your plan! But most importantly, it’s a good option if you’re trying to jump off a longer term contract. That’s because shoppers breaking contract to take up this plan will see Georgia Natural Gas® cover exit fees up to $150. Watch out though – this offer is only available to new Georgia Natural Gas® customers signing up before April 4th.

But if you’re looking to save on your gas rates and not on bells and whistles, you should consider the Town Square 6 Month plan. At 64.9 cents per therm rate is the cheapest of the bunch, and the $5.95 monthly charge is great value. Best of all, early termination only costs you $12.50. So if you need to jump state, you can hop off this plan on the cheap!

Shop these 6 Month Gas Rates Now!

So if there’s one thing graduates don’t have to worry about in Athens, it’s finding a dependable, money-saving gas rate! And isn’t that a relief? The 6 Month Fixed plan from Georgia Natural Gas® will make you great savings if you’re jumping around different plans right now. And Town Square’s 6 Month plan will give you unrivalled flexibility, with a market-beating rate, right through ’til fall. Shop these 6 month gas rates and more, at!

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