Natural Gas Prices Falling Further!

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Natural gas rates are falling! Start shopping these cheapest natural gas rates for your family and save!
Wholesale prices could fall to record lows as warm winter is pushes down natural gas prices Georgia! Find out if it’s the best time to shop for the cheapest rates!

Low Natural Gas Prices Mean It’s Time To Start Saving

“The frackers have broken the natural gas market”, declares an article in the Wall Street Journal. They may well be right. The wholesale price of natural gas dipped to less than $2 per million BTUs. At $1.87, the spot price of natural gas has only been lower once in the last 20 years. If you’re a natural gas consumer in Georgia, you need to know how to react. Is it time to switch and save? 

What’s Caused Cheap Natural Gas Rates?

First of all, let’s talk a little bit about the collapse of natural gas prices. The demand for natural gas fluctuates throughout the year. Cold weather in winter produces “spikes” in demand, and electrical stations burn a lot of gas over summer to meet increased power requirements. This leads to naturally-occurring “shoulder months” between these periods, when natural gas prices tend to be lower. Generally, these occur in spring and fall.

For the U.S., it’s been the 5th warmest January on record. And for North America, it just hasn’t been that cold (though Atlanta has seen temperatures as low as 23 Fahrenheit). Consequently, natural gas customers throughout the U.S. aren’t burning much gas to stay warm. To make things worse, American companies have also produced a record amount of natural gas this year, and with plenty of fuel in storage there’s more gas on hand than is needed. The laws of supply and demand are irresistible, and at the moment there’s way more supply than America is demanding.

Should Natural Gas Consumers Find Cheap Deals?

Residential natural gas prices are likely to fall as a result of cheap wholesale natural gas. As natural gas providers have more room to offer discounts, it’s likely that they’ll slash prices in order to pick up new customers. Residential natural gas prices are likely to stay low until around April, then begin climbing again.

In the next couple of months, it’s likely that we’ll see some of the lowest natural gas prices we’ve seen in years. That means if your natural gas contract is coming up for renewal, this is a great time to pick up a cheap natural gas rate. We’ll help you find cheap natural gas anywhere in Georgia, from Atlanta to Savannah, Macon to Augusta and anywhere in between. 

Get Ready To Save On Natural Gas

A cheap natural gas deal is an excellent way for you to save your household money. Georgia households are particularly well-placed to make big savings, because Georgia homes are often so large! That means you could save hundreds of dollars a year just by switching your natural gas provider.

Is it hard to switch? Not at all! At Georgia Gas Savings we’ve made the process as simple and low-stress as possible. In fact, you can even choose a new natural gas provider straight from your Android or iOS device. Simply download our app today, and you’ll be saving money on natural gas in no time:

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