How to Shop Best Natural Gas Rates Strategically

Timing is everything if you want the best natural gas rates in Georgia.

Best Natural Gas Strategies for Summer 2022

The best natural gas rates never seem to be there when you want them. Find out how to shop for gas plans strategically and save.
Certain times of the year offer the best natural gas rates. So how do you align your plan terms to do that? Find out how to shop for gas plans strategically.

If you’re shopping for natural gas right now, you’re facing a tough hand! With midsummer approaching, provider gas rates are especially high. On top of that, the EIA is suggesting energy could stay pricey right through ‘til early 2023. But there’s one silver lining, folks: over summer, the average Georgia household is using precious little natural gas. And if you’re strategic about it, you can use this to power-up your savings by shopping the best natural gas rates. Let’s take a look at the best way of getting there…  

What’s my Best Natural Gas Rates Strategy this Summer?

First of all, when we say you’re using less energy – we really mean it! According to last year’s data, the average Georgia household went through 141 therms in January, but just 14 in July. So an extra ten cents on your rate over summer isn’t going to stack up as much as it does over winter. This means you don’t have to put so high a premium on landing a low rate if you shop plans just for the summer. Phew!

In fact, right now you need to be aiming to shop for a new plan in fall. That’s when rates might be a little more reasonable. That means you need to prioritize finding a low exit fee. And if you’re less worried about landing a cheap rate, there are two good plans to get you there. 

Strategy #1: High Risk, High Reward

Your first option is to sign up to the Market Intro Plan from Georgia Natural Gas®. The 94.9 cents per therm rate isn’t exactly cheap, but relative to the market right now, it ain’t too shabby! The main thing is, the plan lasts precisely two months. That means you can shop around again in September without paying a dime in exit fees. There’s no other fixed rate plan on the market that gives you this flexibility!

Here’s the risky bit: you’re not just able to shop around again when the plan’s over – you actually have to. Because otherwise, they’ll roll you onto their pricey and unpredictable variable rate. If that happens, a steep variable rate could wipe out any savings you’ve made by dodging the exit fee. 

Strategy #2: Lower Savings, but Lower Risk

If you’re leery about this strategy, there’s a safer version of it. And it comes in the form of the 6-Month Fixed plan, also from Georgia Natural Gas®. The compromise is, it’s got a pricier $1.10 per therm rate – and a $50 exit fee. So you’re guaranteed to pay a little more than what you would with the Market Intro Plan above.

But here’s the payoff: there’s no risk of being put onto an eye-watering variable rate if time runs out. And the 6 month term means you can bide your time a little longer for the fall price dip to kick in! 

Shop your Strategic Gas Plan Today!

The important thing to remember is that taking on a higher rate over summer can be a good strategic decision, if there’s a payoff, because you’re using less natural gas. And right now, plans with a higher rate will get you that much-needed flexibility to shop around again in fall. Lock one in now, and learn more about how to shop best natural gas rates strategically at!

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