How to Cut Your Summer Gas Bill

Cooking outside not only lowers your summer gas bill but cuts your AC load.

Simple Tricks to Keep Your Bills Low

Cut your summer gas bill with these simple hacks. Many of these you can use all year to help you save money.
One way to lower your summer gas bill is to lower your natural gas water heater’s thermostat setting to below 120°F. Find out more ways you can save all year round!

It’s a hot summer out there folks! And with the days getting toasty, you sure aren’t using much energy for home heating. But what, then, are you shelling out to your natural gas providers for each month? And is there any way of cutting back? Well, you’re in luck! Because whilst you can’t wriggle out of that AGL pass through charge, you’ll likely find that most of what you’re spending is going towards appliances. And you’re probably not getting the cheapest use out of them. Here are some of the best ways to cut your summer gas bill.

What Appliances Can I Cut Out of my Gas Bill?

The basic idea here is to take advantage of all this summer sun. For example, the average family’s clothes dryer will go through about 30 therms of energy each year. But with all this sunshine, you can bring that down this summer by drying your laundry for cheap – and fast – with a simple outdoors clothesline. All you need is some firm cord and a couple of sturdy trees or posts!

Similarly, gas ovens gobble up a substantial amount of household energy usage. That’s because they can add to your AC’s cooling load. But with this weather, you’re likely to want fewer of those hearty oven-baked dishes. So try switching them out for quicker microwaveable meals or even cold salads.

And if you’re still running your gas fireplace – buddy, cut it out! Sure, it looks super cosy. And it might impress the guests. But if you’re being honest with yourself, do you really need all that extra heat inside your home right now? C’mon!

Appliances to be Smart About This Summer

But what about those things you can’t really let go of? Your water heater, for example – we’ve all gotta wash! Well – and this is actually good advice year-round – you can turn it down to 120°F. This way it won’t be racing to get your water hotter than you need.

For BBQ grill chefs: don’t light up the barbie ‘til you’re ready to throw the food on, and make sure to keep that grill hood shut when it’s cooking! This will avoid any heat waste, and shave some valuable cents off your energy bill. 

And when it comes to pool heating, make sure you’re keeping it covered when it’s not in use. Because 70% of heat loss for outdoor pools comes from evaporation. Covering it up will lock in that warm water – and doing so with a see-through cover means the pool can absorb extra heat from that scorching sun. Win win!

Slim Down you Summer Gas Bill Today!

So you may not be heating your home this time of year, folks. But you’re certainly still using some pretty power-hungry appliances and features. Some you can use a bit more eco-mindedly, some you can cut back on – and some you can cut out entirely! So run a little audit on your natural gas appliances to see how to cut your summer gas bill, according to your own usage patterns. And stay tuned for more tips, with

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