Cheap Natural Gas Rates in Alpharetta

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Shoulder months are here! Lower your monthly bill for the lowest price natural gas rates in Alpharetta, Georgia.
The shoulder months are here! It’s no trick to saving money on the cheapest natural gas in Alpharetta! Check out these great gas prices and switch now!

Living In Alpharetta? Save Money On Natural Gas

Cold weather is setting in, and as you start to crank the thermostat up it’s important to keep your natural gas bills low. Now is a great time to find a cheap deal on natural gas in Georgia, so you can stay warm all year long. We’ve researched the best rates for natural gas in Alpharetta, so read on to see how much you could save.

Who Has The Cheapest Natural Gas In Alpharetta?

For the lowest rate around, check out the SCANA 18 Month Fixed Rate plan. This offers a low price of $0.329 per therm. Thanks to this low price on natural gas, you won’t have to worry about keeping the furnace running; it makes heating your home cheap and worry-free. You can get this same low rate with the SCANA 24 Month Fixed Rate deal, and both plans come with a monthly service charge of $6.95. 

Compare These Natural Gas Prices In Georgia

You can get a similar deal on natural gas when you choose the Constellation 24 Month Metro Home plan. This is slightly more expensive, with a rate of $0.349 per therm and a monthly service charge of $7.95. How much more this costs you depends on how much natural gas you use. A typical Georgia household consumes around 700 therms annually. That means an extra $0.02 per therm adds up to about $14 per year. That won’t break the bank, but you’ll also be paying $12 more in service fees than you would with SCANA Energy

Lock In a Low Natural Gas Rates

Your other option for cheap natural gas in Alpharetta comes from the Infinite Energy 24 Month deal. This costs a little more per therm than its competitors, coming in at $0.499. However, with a lower service charge of just $5.95, this plan could be a good option if you tend not to use a lot of natural gas. You could also consider investing in the Infinite Energy Nest plan. This gives you a Nest thermostat to install at your property, which helps you keep your home warm as efficiently as possible. You’ll pay an extra $4 per month in service fees for this, but it could certainly help you to reduce your natural gas usage. 

The Best Month To Lock In Natural Gas Rates

Switch to a cheap natural gas rate now, while prices are cheap. Before winter sets in you’ll find cheap natural gas deals, but this won’t last forever. You can find cheap natural gas in Georgia during “shoulder months”, so now is a great time to lock in a low rate. We make it easy to switch quickly. You can even compare and switch right from your smartphone with our Georgia Gas Savings app for Android and iOS devices. Find out more about getting the cheapest rate and download the app at

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