Best 12 Month Fixed Rate Gas In Augusta, GA

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Don't get left out in the cold by high prices this winter. See how well your natural gas rates compare with other providers in Augusta.
Don’t get left out in the cold by high prices this winter. See how well your natural gas rates compare with other providers in Augusta.

Which Natural Gas Provider Is The Best In Augusta, GA?

Winter is coming, and with cold weather comes higher natural gas bills. Because Georgia households spend a high proportion of their energy costs on space heating during the winter months, you’re likely to be using much more natural gas throughout this time. That’s before you factor in the costs of cooking large holiday meals, which can push energy bills up even further. Keep your costs low this year by choosing a cheap fixed rate natural gas plan for your Augusta home. 

Who Has The Cheapest Natural Gas Deal In Augusta?

To cut down on your natural gas costs, the first thing you should do is look for cheap prices per therm. If you spend less on the natural gas you use, you won’t have to worry about running the furnace all the time. The lowest price for natural gas comes from the Constellation 12 Month Metro Home rate, which offers a low cost of only $0.349 per therm. That’s about as cheap as natural gas gets in Augusta. 

Competing rates such as the Infinite Energy 12 Month Plan aren’t far behind, though. This deal offers a price of $0.359 per therm you burn, placing it just a penny behind the Constellation rate. This is enough to make a difference, although it may not be that much. A typical Georgia household might consume 700 therms of natural gas in a year, meaning that a penny discount on each therm equals $7 savings over a year. 

The Gas South Fixed 12 Month plan offers a rate of $0.490 on each therm you use. When compared to the Constellation rate, you’re paying an extra $0.141 per therm. If you burn 700 therms a year, the average amount, then this could cost you almost $100 more than choosing either Constellation or Infinite Energy.

Which Is The Best Natural Gas Plan?

We already know that the Constellation deal provides the cheapest therms. However, it’s always important to look at the wider picture. Constellation will charge you $7.95 every month as a service fee. Infinite Energy will also charge a monthly fee, but this is only $5.95. $2 extra per month adds up to $24 over the course of the year. That means you’re probably going to spend more overall, even though you’re paying less per therm! The exception to this is if you use lots and lots of natural gas – 2,400 therms, to be precise. In this case, the savings on each therm will balance out the higher cost of service. 

Choosing Your New Natural Gas Provider

When you sign up for a 12 month fixed term natural gas deal, it isn’t just about price. That’s why we give you access to natural gas ratings in Georgia that help you to learn about the company you’re working with. For instance, while Constellation might have higher prices than Infinite Energy, they also boast 133 reviews to their competitor’s 12. This could affect your decision, so make sure to read up on each provider before switching. 

Switching with Georgia Gas Savings only takes a few minutes, and is very easy. You can even download our iOS and Android app to switch and save on your phone:

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