Who Fixes My Georgia Home’s Natural Gas Pipes?

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—   Learn where your responsibility begins to keep your natural gas pipes safe in your Atlanta area home.
Natural gas heats our water, our food, and our homes in Georgia.
That’s why it’s important to know where your responsibility for your home’s natural gas piping begins and what you can do to maintain it.

Who Looks After The Natural Gas Pipes In My Home?

We know how important home safety is to our customers, and ensuring your home’s natural gas supply is properly maintained is something all homeowners should be aware of. You’ll need to know how to look after these fittings in order to ensure good natural gas safety in your home, and in this quick guide we’ll explore exactly where your responsibilities begin and end.

Do I Need To Repair My Own Pipes?

Just as with your home’s wiring and plumbing, it’s your responsibility to ensure that all the gas pipes in your home are in good working order. Typically, you’ll need to look after all the pipes between the meter and wherever the gas is being delivered to; your heater, stove and any other natural gas appliances. Any problems with these pipes are your responsibility, so make sure to keep an eye on them.

How Can I Find Problems With My Pipes?

Because natural gas is so flammable, it’s important that you keep an eye on the condition of your home’s pipe network. Conduct regular inspections to look for signs of corrosion or damage, especially if you live in an older property. There’s a limit to how much of the pipe system you’ll be able to see, since some of it can be hidden in the walls, but you should check connections with any gas-burning appliances. External pipework can also become damaged, since it’s exposed to the elements, so you should make regular inspections of gas fittings outside of your home. Of course, the pipes which bring natural gas to your home aren’t your responsibility, but the meter and everything after it are.

Can I Fix My Own Pipes?

Typically, any repairs to your home’s natural gas supply should be carried out by a qualified technician. However, some minor pipe work can be carried out by handy DIYers; before you get the toolbox out, though, double-check with the local authorities. Some areas require you to obtain a permit and have building code inspections while carrying out work on your home’s natural gas pipes.

Keeping Your Home’s Pipes Well-Maintained

One of the most common problems that homeowners encounter is corrosion. The slow build-up of rust can easily lead to a pipe becoming too weak, and potentially causing a dangerous natural gas leak. If caught early enough, rust can be removed with a wire brush and hot, soapy water. The pipe can then be primed and painted, keeping rust and corrosion at bay. You can also apply protective coatings and fittings to your home’s gas pipework, joints and damaged areas, but be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions closely.

Who Handles The Rest Of My Natural Gas Supply?

In Georgia, Atlanta Gas & Light is the company that deals with the state’s natural gas infrastructure. It’s their job to supply natural gas to your home, and they’ll deal with any problems in the supply pipes before they reach your gas meter. If there’s more than 3 feet between your meter and your home, Atlanta Gas & Light will monitor it for any problems; however, any defects will be down to you to correct.

Other Useful Natural Gas Resources

It’s our mission to help Georgia homeowners be more informed about their natural gas supply. For more information on staying safe around natural gas, as well as the cheapest natural gas in Georgia, be sure to visit www.georgiagassavings.com.

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